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Training programmes play a major part in employee retention

Training programmes play a major part in employee retention

If you were to conduct a functional audit of your HR practices, covering the entire employee lifecycle, where do you think your problems would lie?

You might want to start at stage four: Development.

According to new research by totaljobs, two-thirds of UK workers have changed employers due to a lack of learning and development (L&D) opportunities.

With unemployment rates at their lowest since 1975, employers should be doing everything they can to retain their best talent – but totaljobs’ research suggests they’re underestimating workers’ wishes to upskill. Some 90% of employees are calling for their employer to make more training courses available.

It seems that the problem lies not in ignorance from employers, but in delivery. Of the employers quizzed in the survey, more than three-quarters (80%) agreed that companies should offer their staff adequate learning and development opportunities. Meanwhile, nearly nine in ten (87%) said they actively encourage staff to attain professional qualifications.

Employers who offer L&D opportunities are rewarded with happier and more effective workers. Four in five (81%) employers said that their staff perform to a higher level after training, with 90% of leaders stating that they see a direct improvement in output.

Perhaps the reason that employers are reticent about providing training is that it will improve people’s prospects to find a job elsewhere. Almost half (41%) of employees said they have secured a new job as a direct result of training.

Commenting on the findings, David Clift, HR Director at totaljobs explained that L&D not only improves employee satisfaction, it also helps employers fill skills gaps.

He said: “We are often told by employers of all shapes and sizes that they need skilled employees to fill difficult roles – and they are struggling to find them. This research shows, that there is a keen workforce looking to upskill and improve, so new skills and talents may well be right under their nose. It’s safe to say that training and development is a key area companies need to focus on, it’s a win-win for all.”

Are your employees receiving the L&D opportunities they need? That can be a hard question to answer without a thorough review of the Development stage of the employee lifecycle.

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