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Tech trends that could shake-up business in 2018

Tech trends that could shake-up business in 2018

Deloitte’s annual Tech Trends report has been released, and this year’s findings are music to our ears. Particularly, the discovery that organisations are “thinking about exploration, use cases and deployment more holistically”. If you’ve been reading our content for any length of time, you will know that we take a holistic approach that considers technology alongside culture, people and process. So, you can see why we were pleased.

The trends themselves, that Deloitte predicts will impact businesses in the next 18-24 months, were pretty exciting, too. Here are the trends in the report that stood out to us:

1) No-collar workforce

Whether we like it or not, the rise of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to require us to reinvent worker roles – some jobs will be more suited to humans, some to machines, and some to a hybrid team.

HR teams will need to ensure workers are retrained to manage virtual workers and bots – dubbed the “no collar” workforce – while new policies could also be required, so that they are “well positioned to support the talent – both mechanised and human – of tomorrow”.

2) Cross-department data sharing

By making data “free” or accessible and actionable across business units and departments, organisations can begin to make better – and better aligned – decisions.

To enable this cross-department data sharing, companies should look to machine learning, natural language processing and automation, so that they can better understand the relationships between data, according to the report.

3) Mission-critical technology

This trend feels like it should have come out a few years back, but all the same, it’s good news that companies are set to invest in technology that can help mission-critical functions become more efficient. It’s suggested that businesses have been concentrating on creating new customer experiences and products, which is why internal systems and processes have been left untouched.

The report highlights next-generation ERP, blockchain, machine intelligence, automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) as five technologies that will aid businesses in improving operations.

4) Exponential technology opportunities

If you’re overwhelmed by the technology options available to you now, just you wait. The report says that companies will need to develop the capabilities to “to sense, scan, vet, incubate, and scale exponential opportunities”. In other words, you need to be able to identify what technology will add value for your business and will continue to do so as you grow.

So, in 2018, you really should start thinking about building trusted relationships with partners who think about your business as a whole and can implement technology so that it brings wide-ranging benefits.


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