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Tech transforming performance reviews into meaningful interactions   

Tech transforming performance reviews into meaningful interactions   

Performance reviews were often more trouble than they were worth. Line managers would struggle to make an insightful assessment of their team due to a lack of information. As a result, staff would feel like their feedback was generic. While HR would be forever chasing missing reviews, with both sides in no rush to go through the motions. 

Technology is changing all that. We now have systems which enable performance reviews to be more frequent, more informal and more forward-looking, HR Drive reports. 

Mischa Riedo, co-founder of QuercusApp, succinctly explains how these systems are making for more meaningful reviews: “Exchanging feedback throughout the organisation and in real-time is easier with technology,” he said. “I can ask multiple colleagues for feedback on a specific project with a single click and have access to that feedback forever. That makes it much easier to receive feedback that is specific, timely, and actionable.” 

 The technology itself typically comes in two forms, either as a module as part of an overall suite of products for talent management, or as a standalone product just for performance management. 

Either way, a good piece of performance management tech will allow you to create your performance management process, then prompt for data collection, store and protect that data, and communicate that data visually. 

 In doing so, the tech creates a platform for there to be an ongoing dialogue between manager and employee, rather than just a yearly review meeting. By exchanging feedback in real-time, it allows staff to make efforts to improve and develop more often, as they’re not just receiving guidance once a year. 

 The collaborative nature of the exchange also means that feedback is no longer confined to the traditional top-down style because employees can receive feedback from the people they interact with on a daily basis. 

For HR, meanwhile, technology is revealing where there are performance reviews missing and automatically chasing line managers to act. This time saved can then be spent on more strategic works, which is crucial as HR becomes more integral to business reviews. 

 So, that’s HR happy. Line managers can finally use reviews to develop their relationship with their team. While employees are more engaged in their work. It really is a win-win-win

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