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Taking Inspiration from Young People

Taking Inspiration from Young People

“We cannot always build a future for the youth; but we can build our youth for the future. ” Franklin D. Roosevelt

To write a business-related post this week feels meaningless given the tragic events in London and Manchester over the last few weeks.  In a departure from the usual nature of my articles, I have decided to focus on a subject that I have found inspiring and has gone along the way to restore my faith in human nature.

Sometimes I think we all need to stop and put all that we strive for as individuals into perspective. So, every time I feel a little frustrated with work or life in general, I reflect back on some of the incredible people I have met through The Prince’s Trust.

For example, I recently had the privilege of having some involvement in the Prince’s Trust Get into Airports Programme in conjunction with London Luton Airport.

I met some incredible young people from all walks of life and backgrounds. However, regardless of where they came from and what brought them there, they were linked by a common cause – to take action in moving themselves forward and finding employment. It was astounding to see how they developed as individuals and also as a group over that five week period. That was due in no small part to the people working with them:  Matthew Weatherby and the Trust’s training partners for the programme, The Launch Group.  Equally, it was inspiring to see how various employers at the Airport came together with the Prince’s Trust to offer two week placements in and around the airport and also various employment opportunities after the programme had finished. But most of all, it was due to the grit and determination of those young people themselves.

So what lessons can we learn from young people?

  • That working together to achieve our goals is essential. After all, relationships are our primary survival mechanism – we are designed to work together and feeling valued is essential for survival.
  • Their lack of constraint means they have no boundaries when collaborating with others, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or social background.
  • That despite adversity we must continue to retain our humanity.

Kind regards,

Andy Nellis


The Prince’s Trust

If you’ve been inspired by this article and would like to find out more about The Prince’s Trust, please visit their website.

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