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HR Transformation

Recent research suggests that company culture costs the UK economy an astonishing £23.6bn each year, what’s more, failing to prioritise this often neglected yet vital element of a business has caused a third (34%) of British employees to quit their jobs.

Our human resources consulting considers the whole employment life cycle and can offer solutions across all areas of people management.  We believe your employees are your most valuable asset.


A good candidate will research your organisation extensively and ask their professional and personal circles about your value proposition.  We’ll help you attract talent through brand, reputation management and understanding of your organisation’s selling points.


According to research, 70% of new hires come from employee referrals.  In our experience, engaged employees will champion your brand and contribute towards a healthy talent pipeline. Let us assess your people, process and technology so you always attract the best candidates.


Findings by the Association for Talent Development suggest that employee development planning is no longer optional; it is essential to staying competitive. We’ll help you create a meaningful development plan for staff; sourcing reputable training providers and creating a collaborative environment where knowledge and skills are shared.


A recent report by the Society for HR Management showed that 1 in 25 employees left their new job because of bad onboarding experiences. First impressions can have a lasting impact. We’ll help you develop processes to make new employees feel welcomed, valued and prepared to succeed in their new role.

Manage Performance

Performance management ensures that employees not only fulfil their responsibilities, but do so to the best of their abilities and up to your expectations. We’ll look at your processes in detail; and with our “technology agnostic” stance, help you make positive decisions about any software choice.

Engage & Motivate

A strong business foundation lies within the goals and values of an organisation; every single employee wants to feel heard, valued and trusted. Adopting tried and tested employee satisfaction surveys and motivational strategies, we’ll help you build a more customer focused, profit driven and productive workforce.

Recognise & Reward

Taking time to recognise employee achievement helps cultivate engagement, increase productivity and reduce tension in the workplace. Recognising employees for their accomplishments should be a core component of every employee engagement strategy and forms the basis of our approach.

Say Goodbye!

Many organisations do not pay due attention to the end of the employment relationship and the process of offboarding. Our methodology focuses on communication, succession planning, reinforcing company values and the increasing trend of “leaving the door open”.