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Poor tech leaves workers feeling frustrated

Poor tech leaves workers feeling frustrated

Technology can inspire staff to work with a greater sense of purpose by unshackling them from some of the heavy lifting and providing them with key insights. If poorly implemented, however, technology can have a demotivating effect on staff, leaving them questioning their future at your organisation.

New research from Sharp suggests that thousands of UK businesses are failing to harness technology for good, leaving nearly two thirds (63%) of workers to feel negatively about their workplace.

Just 17% of UK office workers would describe their environment as motivating. People would be more inclined to describe their working environment as uninspiring (34%) – some even went as far as to call it as “grim”, “oppressive” and “toxic”.

When asked why they felt negatively about their office, just over half (51%) of respondents put it down to restrictive and limiting technology, while a third (35%) blamed outdated and frustrating ways of working.

The average UK worker finds themselves getting frustrated at their office tech three times a day, or 16 times over a working week. A third (32%) admitted that their frustrations have led them to pretend a piece of tech was broken so that they wouldn’t have to use it.

Stuart Sykes, managing director at Sharp Business Systems UK, said that in these times of Brexit uncertainty, UK business can’t afford to allow old or poorly implemented technology to hinder staff in their work.

“Organisations must allow for the connectivity that is appropriate to the type of work environment they have if they want to motivate staff,” he explained.

“If they want to be modern and relevant, and a place where people want to have long careers, the company critically needs to stay in touch with the way people engage with technology.”

Ensuring technology is up-to-date and optimised for use will prove even more important when millennials come to dominant the workplace – the generation that is the most likely to be motivated by the latest technology.

We can’t be sure of much right now, but we can be fairly certain that technology will lead us into the future. Make sure your businesses in not left in the past.

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