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e-Resolve Landscape Review

Creating Oracle EBS solutions that enable the business to achieve rather than limit its endeavour is much more than simply achieving application performance – whatever Oracle suggest. There is not much point in having a highly-tuned machine if all your people aren’t using it to its full potential.

At e-Resolve we help you achieve better outcomes from your ERP solutions. By taking an award-winning holistic approach that considers technology alongside culture, people and processes, our clients maximise the benefit of their ERP solution. Ensuring it is fully aligned to the organisational needs now and in the future. The cornerstone of this is our unique Landscape Review discovery process.

A Holistic Approach to Every Solution

Before you consider moving away from your current solution you need to know if it has the potential to meet your current and future needs. Plus, any additional investment that might be required to get there.  e-Resolve’s Landscape Reviews provide definition and empirical evidence to improve organisational clarity and facilitate decision making.

Enable Continuous Improvement

A review will also identify the gaps to ensure any new solution will be fit for purpose. Our approach embeds continuous improvement, aligns with Industry best practice to improve standardisation and helps to reduce ongoing support and development costs.

How it Helps

The Landscape Review helps organisations define their short, medium and long term ERP solution progression. As well as the culture, people and process developments needed to support it in order that the organisation receives tangible benefit.

The Landscape Review is different to traditional ICT Healthchecks that focus on risks and issues of specific projects or solutions. Our Review includes an assessment of the culture and people in your organisation; organisational culture and engaged people are essential to achieving high performance and maximising the benefits of your existing ERP systems.

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