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HR needs to do more to meet employees’ expectations of AI

HR needs to do more to meet employees’ expectations of AI

No longer the stuff of Sci-Fi, artificial intelligence (AI) has become heavily integrated within our day-to-day lives. So much so, that according to a new Oracle study, 90% of people would trust orders given to them by a “robot.”

Yet, Oracle’s study – which quizzed US employees and HR leaders – unveiled a huge gap between how people use the technology at home and in the office.

As Personnel Today reports, 70% of us use some form of AI in our personal lives. In stark contrast, less than one quarter (24%) of employees use AI at work, and just 6% of HR professionals have integrated AI into their roles.

Suffice to say, HR professionals are failing to keep pace with this technology. That’s despite the fact that they, along with employees, believe AI would boost productivity in the workplace.

Nearly two-thirds (59%) of employees told Oracle they think AI would make operations more efficient, 45% feel it would cut costs and 40% were certain it would help to enhance customer experience. A further 37% said AI would improve employee experience.

When asked what aspects of HR AI would have a positive impact on, 27% of HR leaders cited learning and development, 26% performance management, 18% payroll, and 13% recruitment and employee benefits.

Yet, while employees and HR leaders appreciate the benefits AI can provide, many are concerned about how they will adjust to a more automated workplace.

Nearly 90% of HR professionals admitted to not feeling empowered to fill the growing AI skills gap, with just under three-quarters not providing any AI training programmes. Meanwhile, 51% of employees shared concerns about not being able to adjust to the quick adoption of AI tools.

At the same time, however, 79% of HR leaders and 60% of employees told Oracle that failing to adopt AI would have a negative impact on their own careers, their colleagues and the company as a whole.

Emily He, senior vice president of Oracle’s Human Capital Management Cloud Business Group, said: “As this study shows, people are not afraid of AI taking their jobs and instead want to be able to quickly and easily take advantage of the latest innovations.

“To help employees embrace AI, organisations should partner with their HR leaders to address the skills gap and focus their IT strategy on embedding simple and powerful AI innovations into existing business processes.”

How do you feel about integrating AI into your workplace? Do you see it as key to keeping ahead of the curve, and your competitors?


HR must do more to match employees’ expectations of AI, finds Oracle

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