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Growing expectation of employee self-service in the workplace

Growing expectation of employee self-service in the workplace

Is it too much to ask for staff to have the ability to manage their own absence? In our previous blog, we covered how Tesco is giving its employees greater control over what hours they work via a new Oracle-based system. A new survey suggests it’ll prove to be a smart move, with almost three-quarters (73%) of workers now expecting their employer to provide a high-level of employee self-service.

The research from HR solutions company Paychex also analysed the view of business owners, revealing a disconnect between employee expectations and what employers are delivering – more than half (53%) of businesses with 500 employees or less do not currently offer any level of employee self-service.

Commenting on the findings, Tom Hammond, Paychex vice president of corporate strategy and product management, said that the smartphone generation are used to being able to manage their lives with tech, and there is a growing expectation for this sort of self-sufficiency in the workplace.

“While at work, employees want to interact with tools – and one another – much like they do in their personal lives. That means being given the ability and permission to accomplish simple, common actions such as changing an address, checking a time-off balance, requesting time-off [or] viewing a paystub,” he explained.

Hammond said the findings should be music to the ears of HR leaders, who will have more time to work on strategic priorities like employee engagement, winning the war on talent and regulatory compliance as a result of employees becoming more independent.

The more actions employees take using an HR system, meanwhile, the more meaningful data and actionable insights the HR team will have to inform how it goes about enhancing the employee experience.

According to the research, on average, 80% of workers would prefer to carry out these tasks online, rather than submitting a paper form to HR:

  • update personal information
  • manage absence
  • download/view payroll information
  • report time worked or clock in/clock out
  • view work schedule

Do you have an HR system which can allow staff to accomplish these tasks? If not or you’re unsure, speak to e-Resolve to discuss how you can make it happen.

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