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Getting demotivated staff back on side

Getting demotivated staff back on side

Motivation is a big thing in the workplace. It helps make sure that staff are productive with their time, open to changes in the business, and prepared to provide their skills to the company for the long term.

If you have demotivated staff, changes to technology and systems will go down like a lead balloon. When staff are demotivated, they just want to pick up their paycheck and go home with as little fuss as possible. Telling them that they’ll have to adjust to a new system, then, could feasibly be the thing that prompts their exit.

This might all sound a bit drastic, but new research backs it up. Employee engagement company Reward Gateway surveyed over 2,000 UK employees and found that demotivation has an alarming effect on employees, the top five being:

  • Mood worsens (60%)
  • Reduction in productivity levels (48%)
  • Declining mental health (46%)
  • Reduction in quality of work (40%)
  • Diet suffers (28%)

The worrying thing is that seven in ten employees suggest they are not at peak motivation in their jobs. As a result, more than half of employees said that their job just ‘pays the bills’ (54%), whereas only 23% agreed that they work in a great place with a challenging and exciting role.

Commenting on the survey, Reward Gateway’s Group Director of Product & Client Success, Rob Boland, said: “It’s clear that employers can be doing more to motivate and engage their people in the right way.”

But, what do employees want? Not as much as you might think.

The top three ‘demotivators’ are feeling invisible or undervalued (43%), having a bad manager (43%) and a lack of recognition (40%). In other words, staff just want to be appreciated, respected and recognised. Is that too much to ask?

Despite their lack of motivation, however, the unhappy employees said that they would give their job nine months to a year to improve before looking for the exit. This means businesses have time to act to save their best talent, but they need to be quick.

Perhaps it’s time to think about a new system for employee reward and recognition? Or giving them more control over their schedules, in a similar way to Tesco?

A Landscape Review might help you identify systems and processes in your organisation that are contributing to employee demotivation.  To hear more on how we can help to improve cultural alignment, user adoption and utilisation, business process and application performance, drop us a line.

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