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Fostering a culture of recognition could yield dividends for businesses

Fostering a culture of recognition could yield dividends for businesses

Does your business encourage its employees to go out of their way to say ‘well done’ to one another?

You might think that you shouldn’t have to reinforce a culture of recognition and that employees should just take it upon themselves to congratulate one another when it’s deserved.

However, competitiveness – even healthy competition – can sometimes prove a barrier to recognition. So can a lack tools through which to collaborate, as employees are not exposed to each other’s work.

Nurturing a culture of recognition is not only good for the soul and morale of your employees, it can prove good for business, too.

Research from the O.C. Tanner Institute revealed that 62% of UK millennials are motivated to work harder when they recognise someone else’s achievements. Generation X workers (41%) and UK baby boomers (39%) are less likely to work harder in a culture of recognition, but there’s no suggestions it does any harm.

Millennials are, perhaps, more inclined to give recognition borne out of their own craving for gratification, suggests Ian Feaver, director of O.C. Tanner UK. He urges UK firms to “acknowledge this phenomenon” and set about creating a platform for millennials to give recognition as part of a culture of appreciation.

There was further evidence for doing so, too. Some 86% of the UK employees who said they “always” give recognition are highly motivated to contribute to the success of their organisations, the report found. On the other hand, just 46% of the UK employees who “never/rarely” give recognition stated that they were highly motivated to contribute to the success of their organisations.

Recognition givers were also found to be 48% more innovative than those UK employees who scarcely give recognition. Fostering a culture of recognition helps create internal brand champions, too, with 79% of UK employees who regularly dish out ‘well dones’ to co-workers saying they are proud to tell others they work for their organisations. Just 51% of those who keep any compliments to themselves said the same.

Needless to say, a culture of recognition can’t be built overnight. It requires buy-in across the business and the right collaborative tools to be made available to make giving recognition easy for employees.

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