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e-Resolve HCM Seminar

On 28th September 2017 we held a Human Capital Management (HCM) seminar at Wallacespace in St.Pancras, which looked at the process of implementing and transitioning to a Cloud HCM solution.

Importantly, it wasn’t just a case of e-Resolve turning up to talk about how wonderful we are, with the odd snippet regarding the importance of technology choices for IT Directors; though, of course, we managed to do a little bit of that.  

The main point of the evening was to demonstrate that while IT and HR departments frequently reside in totally different silos, only by seeking convergence of ideas and aspirations at an early stage can a cloud HCM solution really deliver value.  

If you would like more information about the topics raised in these videos, please contact Kirsten Lightbody our Head of Sales for more information.

Andy Nellis

Vipul Tanna

Annabel Sweet

Panel Q&A