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Capturing the COVID-19 Status of Frontline Workers

Capturing the COVID-19 Status of Frontline Workers

As we start to see small signs of emerging from the COVID-19 crisis, we thought it worth celebrating a real success story in these trying times.

Just as the COVID-19 lockdown came into force, Norfolk County Council (NCC) went live with their new HR Portal, designed and developed in partnership by e-Resolve and Beezapps. Built using Oracle APEX, fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite, it delivers a modern, mobile user experience to NCC’s internal and external customers alike.

The flexibility and scalability of the Oracle APEX solution was further demonstrated just a few days later when NCC needed a way of capturing the COVID-19 status of each of their front line workers on a daily basis. We had the solution built and deployed within a matter of a few days, giving NCC the information they needed to support their people during this pandemic.

Debbie Beck, Head of HR System Transformation, said:

“In these challenging times we are pleased to have our new My HR and Payroll application live developed with e-Resolve and Beezapps.  We always knew it was going to be valuable but when overnight the majority of the County Council’s workforce needed to work from home, the true value of the application became apparent. All of our workforce can now access their personal information and their pay details remotely using whichever of their devices is easiest for them.  As some of our employees have no “official” devices we would have had a real pressure getting pay information out to them but now, it just isn’t an issue. On our first post lockdown payday we had over 4000 employees accessing their records in one day.

Having the application in place also meant when we needed a quick and easy way for our people to let us know if they were well or needing to take time off work because of Covid-19, we had the solution up and running in a matter of days.  This is now a key element supporting critical front line workers to access the testing that they need to be able to continue to work.

We are grateful for all of the support and expertise from e-Resolve and Beezapps that has been pivotal in making all of this happen.“

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