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Collaboration tools crucial to achieving business goals, say professionals

Collaboration tools crucial to achieving business goals, say professionals

An organisation will struggle to meet its top business goals without sufficient investment in collaboration technology solutions, according to new research.

More than 80% of the 421 professionals quizzed by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services said that achieving top business objectives is dependent on collaboration technology.

While nine out of ten respondents expect collaboration tools to play an even more important role in their organisations over the next two years.

One of the most obvious benefits of collaboration technology, such as instant messaging, office applications, video conferencing, smartphones and email, among many others, is improved operational efficiency. Almost eight of ten respondents (79%) questioned in the Insight-sponsored report said greater efficiency is an extremely valuable business result of collaboration tools.

Increased productivity (76%), better business decisions (69%), higher levels of innovation (63%) followed next on the list of business benefits. Faster time to market (58%), reduced travel expenses (57%) and increased sales (52%) completed the list.

However, if it were that easy, all businesses would be on-board with collaboration tools. Organisations sometimes find themselves frustrated by the inability to include contractors, consultants and other non-employees (46%) into the collaboration process, while being complicated to set up (40%) and use (31%) also prove barriers to their implementation.

Another challenge is getting executives to buy in to the technology – essential for enjoying the full benefit of the tools. Two-thirds of professionals agreed that their collaborative culture needs to be led by C-level executives, but only half believe their executives are modelling this behaviour.

“As with any organisational change, buy in from and leadership by the senior team is an imperative. They not only need to make a commitment in terms of investment, but also commit to using the tools themselves,” said Doug Fink, director, Collaboration Practice, Insight.

Here at e-Resolve we can support leadership buy-in before helping you realise and maximise the benefits of your collaboration solutions, specifically your enterprise resource planning. Reviewing people, process and organisational culture in conjunction with technology can often reveal previously unseen barriers to collaboration in the workplace.

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