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Can you spot the signs of employee dissatisfaction?

Can you spot the signs of employee dissatisfaction?

As a leader, it’s crucial that you can hold up a mirror to your organisation and see the company’s people strategy and culture in practice in order to judge its effectiveness. New research suggests that many leaders are struggling to capture that 360-degree view of their company, with the majority of UK employees unhappy in their current employment.

In a survey of 1,200 professionals by CV-Library, more than half (55.6%) of people revealed that they are unhappy in their job.

The good news for firms is that employees are prepared to give their employer a chance to turn things around – over half (57.4%) of respondents agreed that simply quitting their jobs might not be the answer. But, they won’t hang around forever – 92.7% of workers believe it’s important to love what you do.

Respondents’ reasons for their unhappiness give employers some clues about how they go about improving employee experience:

  • Not being paid enough (38.9%)
  • No room for progression (32.6%)
  • Poor company culture (30.8%)
  • Poor work-life balance (21.8%)
  • Boring daily routine (18.7%)
  • Disliking the working hours (15.3%)
  • Disliking the boss (14.9%)
  • Having a long commute (13.6%)
  • Disliking colleagues (5%)

Commenting on the survey, Lee Biggins, CV-Library’s managing director, said the “worrying” findings underline why it’s so important that employers can “spot the signs of dissatisfaction or low morale and combat these issues right away”.

Respondents’ answers on what they believe are the best ways to address problems at work might give leaders some clues on spotting the signs of employee dissatisfaction. The top answers were speaking to a manager (63.9%), followed by reflecting on what’s causing the unhappiness (51.8&), putting yourself forward for new projects (26.7%) and speaking to a trusted colleague (25.5%).

Biggins added: “Employers need to keep the lines of communication open if they hope to address any issues in a timely and effective manner.”

Are you able to attain an accurate and impartial picture of your people strategy and culture? If not, do something about it before your best talent departs.

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