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What we do

We specialise in providing ‘value add’ solutions using our expertise in

ERP Technology, Business and Change Management.

Here at e-Resolve, we’re passionate about what we do, which means our people only deliver first-class consultancy and support, based upon a wealth of experience gained over a number of years.

Whether implementing, upgrading or enhancing, or working with our customers to manage change, we’ll leave you with solutions that actually work and the skills to manage and leverage your investment going forward.

And for those customers wanting to utilise their existing ERP systems to the full, we’ll strive to help them realise and maximise the benefits of those solutions.

So, by working closely with each of our customers, we look to understand your business and establish long term relationships. As a result, we’re proud to introduce solutions, small and large, that improve efficiencies, enhance user experience and promote a positive attitude to your system’s capabilities.  Which is just the way we like it…

How we do it

e-Resolve is committed to providing only the best technology and change solutions

for your business.

Our expertise in the field of ERP, as well as our involvement with businesses such as yours, provides us with an in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced by your organisation.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality, practical and efficient solutions for your requirements, whether small or large, with each one treated with the same level of determination to ensure your organisation can focus on its priorities.

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We understand your Business

We understand your business model, structure and working practices, and will work with you to understand your organisational aspirations. We want to know what an expertly delivered ERP solution will mean for your business.

Our knowledge of your business and aspirations, coupled with our wealth of experience, means we understand your overall requirements in context, so we can quickly get to the heart of the right solution for you.

Being a consultancy, our business is to provide expert solutions tailored to your needs. Sometimes changes in business processes and procedures will be the best solution; the answer is not always a technical one.

We understand your people

Having worked closely with a wide range of public organisations and private industries, we not only know the questions to ask, but how to ask them, as well as understand your language and terminology. This enables us to quickly determine the finer details of your requirements, ensuring our solutions deliver what you actually need and not just a carbon copy of what you already have.

We understand your requirements

The first and sometimes hardest part of delivering a solution is for a business to properly define its requirements. Investing in a detailed set of requirements before seeking fixed price tenders for solution delivery is crucial. It ensures those fixed price quotations are given with minimal caveats and so are much more streamlined and cost effective as a result.

Paramount to any solution is the information your organisation needs for its Management Reporting. That is why we encourage our customers to think about their reporting needs as part of their overall requirements gathering strategy and not as an afterthought, once the solution has been implemented.

Another huge benefit of investing in a set of detailed requirements can be realised in defining your testing approach. Pre-determined, detailed testing scripts based on granular requirements means test scenarios should be comprehensive and avoid testing ‘on the fly’.

That’s why we often recommend a requirements scoping phase prior to inviting companies to tender for solution delivery. With the right expertise this can be achieved in-house, or as is the case for many of our clients, we can assist you in ensuring this valuable exercise is undertaken with the same diligence and level of expertise you can expect to find in the delivery of our solutions.

We deliver solutions

Once we have ascertained your requirements, we’re all set to design and deliver solutions that will benefit your business and can be measured against your business case to ensure the return on your investment is achieved.

Each of our solutions is delivered with a full, robust suite of documentation, to include Functional Specifications, Configuration Documents, Technical Specifications, Installation Instructions and Unit Test scripts.

Since we are in the business of building practical solutions that work for your organisation, when we finish a project, we ensure your users understand the solution, having the right information available for the their needs, and know their daily working tasks are supported by the solution we have delivered.

e-Resolve is dedicated to delivering solutions that work beyond the immediate needs of the business, but take into account future requirements and yet to be realised aspirations. We design and build to allow you to expand upon the delivered solutions with the minimal amount of reconfiguration, thereby ensuring the robustness of the delivery.