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4 wellbeing trends to think about for 2018

4 wellbeing trends to think about for 2018

‘Tis the season… for workplace wellbeing initiatives and trends. Granted, it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as ‘to be jolly’, but nonetheless, it should be every employer’s goal in 2018 to make their workplace a healthier and more productive environment for employees.

Here are four trends you need to be thinking about going into next year, according to HR News.

 1. Working standing up

We can’t recall ever having gone into an organisation to find employees working at standing desks – they’re just not that practical for most businesses. However, something really needs to be done to get people onto their feet more often at work. The answer could be to create an area for employees to work in away from their desks, leveraging the flexibility of portable devices. All it would take is a few poseur tables to lean on.

2. Sleeping on the job

This is another trend that has been talked about for years, but remains something of a workplace taboo. Maybe it’s a case of most businesses not having the space to facilitate sleep pods and the like? However, you could see a reduction in stress and an increase in productivity if you do manage to make it work.

3. Switching off from work

Perhaps the most important wellbeing trend for 2018 is creating a culture which encourages employees to switch off from work once they’ve clocked off for the day. It could just be a case of enforcing a policy which means employees can’t sync their work emails to their personal devices. Or, maybe you need to think about optimising your workplace tech so that staff are more productive and less inclined to work outside of hours.

4. Financial wellness programmes

Factors such as rising living costs have led UK adults to expect their financial situations to worsen during 2018, according to research from the CIPD. If employees suffer financially as much as they are expecting to, it could be bad news for business, with it having knock-on effects on the mental health and wellbeing of its people. To negate the potential impact, you should think about funding classes which advise employees how to make the most of existing income through better money management and savings plans.

In 2018, try to take a holistic approach to every solution and consider employee wellbeing. That’s how we work at e-Resolve anyway – we believe that people should always come first. If that’s an approach that resonates with you, get in touch.

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